Our Story

Our story, our mission, our vision.

Hello everyone, we are the Hatch family, Jarrod, Kim, & and our sweet baby girl Eliana.

We both grew up in religious households. However, our deeper yearning for the Lord started in our young adulthood. For me, Jarrod, this looked like devoting my life at the top of a mountain in 2012. Quite literally, while on a mountain, I felt the presence of the Lord tugging at my heart to take hold of my God-called purpose. I knew I was created for more. 

For Kim, this looked like devoting her life to Christ at a funeral service! Kim never had felt the love of God as strong as this before and she knew right then and there that God was real. He was real and He loved her. 

Kim and I met in 2014 at church and served in youth ministry together. We married in 2018 and now had our baby girl in 2023! We love God and hope to honor Him in all we do! 

We are just ordinary people trying to use the outlets that God gifted us with to spread the Good News. I started off my love for Graphic design by designing graphics for the church. This led to me having a deeper love for all things creative. The more I designed the more I could feel God using me! I am a graphic design teacher inspiring my students to achieve more and go achieve their dreams, without realizing I wasn’t fully pursuing mine. The idea of creating a company was planted in our hearts back in 2018. We just had no idea how it would look and how we would even start it! We knew God called us to use our talents. That is where God placed this brand in our hearts and through that Aesthetic Threads was launched. The Bible tells us that we were made in the image of God (Gen.1:27).This verse doesn’t just mean that we were created in the physical appearance of God but in who we are and who God created us to be. The word “Aesthetic” in Aesthetic Threads is just referring back to God and how he made us aesthetically pleasing to him and again not in physical appearance but in who we are and all we do for him. You might be thinking but our good deeds are as filthy rags to the Lord (Isaiah 64:6). That is true they are but through Christ since He bridged the gap we are able to be seen by God and not by our own works but by Christ, please God.

We wanted to not just do life, but pursue our God-inspired passions. 

Impacting your community, those around you, and really anyone you come in contact with is important to us! However, sometimes starting conversations can be tricky, especially when trying to share your faith. We know some people are natural great communicators and for some of us it can be difficult to start a conversation. Through personal experience I have seen how wearing faith based clothing can spark a conversation with others, especially if the design is pleasing to the eye. This brand will help others share their faith while wearing clothing they can appreciate. The goal of this brand is to spread the good news of what Christ did for us on the cross. We believe that this brand will reach others that Kim and I would never even think was possible. We declare that lives will be touched with this brand by all of us doing our part in adding to the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Jarrod Hatch

Founder of Aesthetic Threads